Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 24 دی‌ماه سال 1383
An American teacher letter to an iranian teacher
Thank you for writing back. Wow! 30 students in each
class! That is too many! And 60 hours? Believe me, I understand when you
say that sometimes it is rewarding, but sometimes it is not. I do not
like my class this year very much. The children can be quite rude, and
do not seem interested in learning. But it seems that our world is
changing that way!
Tell me, where do you live? What do you do for fun there? I am in a
small city. I love to spend time out side,,, fishing, hiking, and
camping. I also go to the bars sometimes with friends or just watch a
movie. Not terribly exciting here, but its a good place to live. I have
a drem to visit Iran someday. Unfortunately, our President has made it
dificult to travel to the region now. Ughhh. Anyway, please write soon.

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