Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 7 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383

I am not in writing mood unless I am feeling blue or  walking in cloud nine right now I am not feeling good because our principle was supposed to give me a call and come to our house to get the students final and “edited” grades but not yet. And I am afraid just like my previous job in which I was fired just because the staff of our institute had forgotten to inform me about the institutes schedule so I didn’t go to the institute that day and the other day I was fired so easily without being given the rights that someone deserve when he/she gets fired! My heart is broken and I am not feeling good as I was watching TV. and listening to a kind of south American kind of music I wished I hadn’t gotten married because marriage ties a lot of chains around your ankle. Of course life has its ups and downs but in this country the DOWNS are so much that you wanna drive up the walls!  

برای عضویت در خبرنامه این وبلاگ نام کاربری خود در سیستم بلاگ اسکای را وارد کنید
نام کاربری
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