Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 12 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter To Honest(5)
Hello My friend:)
It sounds like you had a great time at the aghd! I wish that we had something like that here. It sounds like a nice tradition and custom. I never had the opportunity to try Iranian cooking. It sounds delicious. The wedding customs here  vary slightly from region to region, but are all mostly the same. It is common for a couple to have dated for a while and know each other before becoming "engaged."  When a man is serious about a woman, he shows his future intentions to her, by buying her an "engagement ring." This signifies his intention on marrying her. Sometimes his or her family will give them an engagement party with food drinks and dance, to let everyone know of their marriage plans. Usually it is after the "engagement" when the couple make the marriage date. This is a time to plan their wedding and set a day and time for the event. It's common for couples to be "engaged" for about a year before the actual wedding ceremony. However, they can get married at any time. It all depends on the couple. In my country it is a tradition for the bride's family to pay for the entire wedding. It can be very costly! Wedding's can cost over ten thousand dollars! It is also a custom for the groom to pick a "best man." This is usually his brother or his best friend. This "best man" stands by the groom during the wedding ceremony. The "best man" also makes the first "toast" to the new bride and groom, and wishes them love and happiness together. The "best man" also gives a "bachelor party" for the groom before the wedding. It's only for men, and involves drinking and often woman dancers to entertain them. However, this all depends on the man's religious point of view. For example, Christians would not have wild parties and dancing women and drinking at their bachelor party. Their party would be more tamed by comparison. After the wedding ceremony, starts the "reception." This is a big party for everyone. It is customary for the brides father to have a "father and daughter" dance. It signifies that his little girl is all grown up now. The party goes on long after the bride and groom have left on their honeymoon. I hope I didn't bore you to death! I thought you might want to know what's  it  like here. I can cry at movies myself. I'm not ashamed to tell you. As a Christian, the movie "the passion of Christ" truly moved me to tears. It is my faith. There are some things that make me angry about my country like anyone else. I get angry that healthcare is so expensive, and that many poor don't have it. I don't think that's fair. It bothers me that huge companies can lay workers off because they want to make a profit. Yes, there are things that I don't agree with. But I love my country all the same. There are a lot of wonderful people here. Americans are a very generous compassionate people. Just like everywhere. I've been to many countries and found that people are the same as me. Everyone loves their children, and wants to be happy, and live in peace. It's what makes us all human beings. Send me a photo of yourself if you can. Do you have pictures of your country? I would like to see what Iran looks like. Take care my friend.
                                                    Your friend,

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