Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 14 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter To Honest(7)
My Dear Friend Honest:
I'm glad to hear from you as always. I understand your frustration with your job and country. You seem like a caring and sincere teacher and human being. This world needs teachers like yourself to educate our children. I can relate to some of the issues that you expressed about your country. I love my country as well, but I feel that "money" is sometimes the only motivating force here. My father had a saying that "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer." I can't help believing that it's true sometimes. I believe as society gets more modernized, and technically advanced, it also becomes less personal and less compassionate. It seems sometimes that the "bottom line" is the almighty dollar.  I don't live my life according to those principles. I believe that people are more valuable than money can ever be. One thing that I like about my country is the ability and freedom to speak my mind to anyone ,anywhere ,about anything. Our politicians are public servants after all. Sometimes they forget that. They forget that they're working for the people who elected them, not the other way around. Politicians are alike everywhere in the world. I would be glad to answer any questions that you might be interested in if you want me to. Please feel free to ask me anything. You are my friend, I don't mind. That's how we learn from each other. There is a saying in my country that "knowledge is power." The more you know, the better off you will be. I agree with that statement. I know in Islam, one should seek knowledge. I like that about Islam. How has your week been so far? I work in a large hospital here, and it can get very busy at times. Tonight was one of those times! I'm off work tomorrow. (thank God). You speak English very well in your emails. Did you learn it in school, or from your travels? I speak English ofcourse, but also Spanish. I learned Spanish from my travels to Spanish speaking countries. I traveled a lot over the years, until recently. As I told you before, I'm now taking care of my mother. Her health is poor, and needs looking after. In America, it's become common to send your parents to a nursing home when they are old. However, I wasn't raised like that. Family is very important to me, as well as loyalty. I promised my father before he died that I would take care of her, and I always will. Are you close to your family? Is family important to you? I hope someday you will come to visit here. I would like to show you around and meet you face to face. I think you would like it here. Especially in the summer months. There are a lot of things to do and see here. Take care of yourself my friend. Don't let things or situations get you down. Try not to take life so serious. Things will get better for you. I promise.
                                                  Your friend from America,

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