Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 15 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Honest Letter To David(7)
Hi Dear John:
Out of luck! why? as I was writing the letter today,  my P.C. pissed off and restarted by itself! so, I had to write the letter again!.....I had a good a day today, because during the students first term exam, we are just watchdogs; we are at school but, no teaching ,as the students are taking their exam, we observe them so they don't cheat in their exams!.........as I entered the class , the students stood(its a custom to stand up when the teacher enters the classroom).and one of my students had brought some candies so at first, we had some delicious candies ,then as was going to announce  their exam grade , I noticed that the briefcase I brought with myself.is one of my co_workers briefcase! ......to answer your question I should say that I learnt English by teaching it . I have my B.A. in teaching English as a foreign language......Iranians are family centered  people, the parents of mine have done anything you could think of for me , and I am in their debt forever. ..... wanna get a feel of teachers lounge here?...... we are sitting around a table talking about ,inflation rate, teachers payment, politics _the topic that you can hear being discussed everywhere_ and these sort of things. what are the usual routine talks whwe you get together?....tell me about the things you can do and see in Rochester..........could you tell me what exactly you do in the hospital? are you a doctor?.....for how many hours do you work? what day does it start and end? Mondays to Fridays? do you have to stay in a job for 30 years to retire?
Take care,

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