Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 21 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter To Honest(12) his comment on Shamlou

Hello. How are you? Thanks for the poem you sent me.  I enjoyed it very much. I've never read Iranian poetry before, it's intriguing. You have a very rich history and culture in Iran. I wish it were possible for me to visit. I'm fascinated by the entire region. I'm glad that we're friends. You've shown me how much we all are a like, and of how much we all have in common. You are a good friend. I'm glad that I didn't offend you by my answers to your questions. As your friend, I felt I could speak truthfully and directly. You can do the same with me also. Nothing you could ask me would offend me. How was work today? My day at the hospital was extremely busy and hectic. We're often working short, and having to do the job of two other people. The hospital where I work is one of the busiest in the area. It's located in the city, so we get all kinds of emergency patients coming through the doors! We often get gun shot victims, and accident victims as well. In my country, it's legal for people to own guns. Unfortunately, these same guns can get in the hands of the wrong people and can injure and kill others. Most people are law abiding citizens, but there are criminals that wouldn't think twice about using a weapon against another person. Americans have a fierce connection with their "right" to bare arms.  Many feel that it's their God given right to protect themselves and to own a weapon if they see fit. It's in our constitution. It goes way back in our history when we were a colony of England.  I think the "thinking" behind it, is that if the government is the only one armed, then the people would somehow be defenseless against it. I don't understand the reasoning. I don't own guns or believe in killing. This is not the norm in my country, however. Most people don't own a gun, or feel the need to have one. Do people in your country own guns, or is it against the law? I know that it many countries the citizens can't buy or own guns. I'm sorry about going on and on about guns Sometimes when we get older our minds tend to wander a little.  When you get some more pictures of yourself and family I'd like to see them. I enjoy getting to know you better. You're an interesting person. I thought of some more things about my country that you might find interesting.......

Americans get about two weeks vacation per year from their job.

Some companies give three to four weeks per year. Mostly professionals  get that amount of time off. ( I get almost four weeks of paid vacation per year. ) However, most employer's usually don't  approve of more than two weeks vacation at one time. In Europe they get much more vacation than we do in the States. In America there are tough "drinking and driving" laws in effect. If you are stopped by a policeman while driving intoxicated, you can go to jail. Since this law has been in effect, the number of drunk drivers have decreased. There are less accidents on the roads.  When people want to go out to a bar or club and drink, they make sure someone sober is along to drive them home afterwards if they should drink too much. There is also a "no smoking" law that prohibits smokers to smoke inside of restaurants or work place, where it may offend or harm the health of other non smoking people.  Does that sound strange to you? It's funny what different laws different countries have. What are your plans for the weekend? I'm really looking forward to it. What did you think about my family pictures?  I wanted to share a bit of my life with you. That's why I sent them. I hope you enjoyed them.  Take care my friend. best wishes to your family.

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