Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 21 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
You Listen Good

Goddamn government:

Now that I am writing this, we are shivering because of cold. Don’t you think that there is no gas in this holy country, of course there is. We are the second country in terms of gas resources; but right now our room is cold ,no gas .it IS F***ing funny, but what else can I do except nagging in this blog.this isn’t the first time that gas pressure gas pump whatamacallit  doesn’t work . I borrowed the neighbor’s pliers to do some repairs on that thing. Don’t be surprised .Iranians are jack of all trades .they have to be. Those higher ups, our “public servants” are leaning on the cushions, day dreaming of their next positions in the government and we the  people should freeze in cold. Yes I have tried so many times to call the gas department attention about this problem but there are no ears to listen to you.

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