Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 22 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Honest Letter To David(14)

Hi Dear John:

.....Feb. 9th it stopped snowing finally .thats such a relief! because of the snow , I preferred to stay home and enjoy myself.... let me clear a misunderstanding : teachers get a lot of vacation and the other employees working in other areas  have only one month of vacation per year…..as for relationship in general, we are at the beginning of the road, the number of  teenagers who  are going on a date are growing ,ten years ago , if you were caught walking with a girl in the streets(an incident that happened to me once) ,you had to face the consequences; but nowadays you can see boyfriends and girlfriends walking in the street without being bothered.( Once I read that, in Sasanian Dynasty the only inscriptions which were found were belonged to men only, no inscription which portrayed women in them.)It isn’t common practice to have female friends, but who knows maybe in the coming years. as for me  I only have male friends and I wouldn’t be seen dead having a  female friend ;just because its not common practice to be with a female friend and have a fiancée at the same time .When in Rome do as the Romans doJ. so if you happened to be here, never shake hand with females……..as for other faiths, here most of the Iranians are Muslim and as far as I know, Christians can practice their rituals in the church freely and openly…..and to be honest, as I haven’t been to school for a few days, I don’t know if Americans are allowed to visit Iran, but I will let you know as soon as I find the right person….

Do you watch T.V. too? Which programs? Tell me about September 11th .the first time I saw the twin tower collapsing I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I was shocked .it was like Hollywood movies. Where were you then? What did you think about the disaster? What did others say about it? Are they making another Twin Towers there? … Do you use a dial up modem? Is internet speed O.K? How much does it cost to have ADSL or using dial up?.....are Americans satisfied with their government? ….thanks for your time and have a really good weekendJ

Your friend,

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