Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
شنبه 24 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Dear David:
...yes, you are right about soccer. its a sport almost every one goes for and Iran national team is looking forward to going to the next world cup,though there is a long way before getting there.and the second sport which has a lot of fans is wrestling. did you watch Iran_Usa match in the last world cup?.....i think baseball and basketball and also rugby are Americans favorites.right?....I don't do any kind of sports but I like watching Iran national team matches. do you watch or do any sports? how is sport viewed in your culture?
what do Americans do on 14th of February? what do YOU do? ....as for the dating generally, there are some Muslim teenagers  who know about Valentines day and   give each other chocolate,flowers, etc as gifts. here if you happen to have some one of the opposite sex as your friend ,you are known as"boyfriend and girlfriend" sounds funny? but the reason is that girls and boys are separated from each other at school, in society, until you happen to go to  the university and most of these " shallow" relationships end in necking and sometimes a bit further period! however, there are relationships that ends in marriage and these two kinds of associations walk hand in hand.anything special activity on valentines day?
Best wishes,
PS.If by any chance,I happen to visit Rochester, for many days can I stay there? could you tell me a bit about guests ,customs that a visitor must know on visiting some ones home? customs that a host should do?

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