Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
شنبه 24 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
I enjoy sports. However, I don't play much. Basketball and football are both very popular sports in my country. Rugby is an Australian sport. It's not played here. The Australians call rugby "football," but it's  different from our football. I enjoy watching gymnastics a lot, and wrestling. Both sports require dedication and concentration. I would rather attend a game than to watch it at home on the television. I think it's more exciting to watch it in person. Don't you? February 14th is a day for lovers, or those in love. On that day couples usually exchange "valentine gifts," and tend to do something romantic and special together. A common custom is for the man to buy his lady a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, or even a piece of jewelry. It's a fun day if you are in a relationship with someone. If not, than it's just another day my friend. This year I'm currently single, and have no love interest, so I won't be doing much on that day. When I'm in a relationship, I like to do romantic things for the other person. I'm a romantic, sentimental man I'm afraid. I like to write poems, and all that sort of thing. Should you ever visit my country, you are most welcome here. I would show you fine hospitality. As for the customs of hosts....That can vary, but generally when a guest is invited to someone's home they are treated with generosity and hospitality. One gives the best to their guests. A good host must make their guest feel welcomed and make sure they enjoy their stay with them. As a guest there really isn't any "custom" to speak of. Just to be a respectful guest. I can't think of anything beyond that. Whenever I entertain guests in my home, I treat them as I wish to be treated if I were in their home. I want my guest to enjoy their visit with me. Are you thinking about visiting my country? Spring, summer, and autumn, are the best times to visit. Summer is the best time to visit where I live. There are more things to see and do then. In winter it's cold and you can't really get a full appreciation of the beauty that comes with summer. How was your day today? Mine was okay. Well, take care my friend. I hope to  hear from you soon.
                               Your friend,

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