Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 25 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383

It has been a lot these days in karaj,Tehran and other cities and almost everything is paralyzed, though, I am happy because of not going to school for almost a  week but ,when I think of it, I don’t  see a bright future for this country as regards to mismanagement in almost every event. Another problem is again gas resources, we are the second largest country in the world  in terms of  gas resources but nowadays ,there is no gas in so many parts of the country, we are getting back to the ancient  periods. people are using oil based heater and that’s sad! Don’t you ever think that I don’t like my country; sure I do as every body does. I am writing this so that those higher ups start thinking seriously about their “management” and the people. So we have a better country in terms of social justice, advancement in different areas, it’s our right to live a comfortable life, how much else should we suffer? Iranians have been under brutality during their history, either by their irresponsible rulers, in qajar dynasty, Phahlavi, and   this period or by other countries, like England, Russia (so many unfair contracts we were forced to sign and gave a lot of privileges to these countries) we have been under USA coup and sanctions for a long time. not  only people have suffered from this but also our economy, yes I know that this is a two way street, however some one should break the ice otherwise …  what do you think?

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