Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 27 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383

Dear Fred:

Have you heard the story of three guys who enter a  place which was very dark, they were leaning to an elephant ,the first guy touches the legs of the elephant and says” what a hard solid pillar” the second guy touches its ears and says” what a nice big fan” the third guy feels the elephants trunk and says” how big this pipe is” this story is the story of that guy in NY times book review ,he isn’t in the know or maybe he is but whatever, he just sees the tip of the iceberg. Sure, there are some who are “Americanized” and feel and behave that way but ,you gotta believe that the majority of  average common people aren’t like that .Sure, the number of boyfriends  and girlfriends is increasing but being boyfriends and girlfriends doesn’t mean to perform oral sex on each other except the minority mentioned .feel free to ask any thing. You are most welcomed….would you tell why against a lot of protests to Mr. Bush’s Polices, once again he was elected by Americans? Did Americans elect him consciously? …. Does USA intend to attack Iran seriously? Or just tries to get some privileges by carrot and stick approach? What’s this all fuss about Iran having nukes, Pakistan, India_ you name it_ have nukes and none are bothered by having nukes. Could you tell me why?.... are all American satisfied with their life (are there injustice in your country?) and their government policies?

Thanks for your time,


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