Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 28 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
 I cannot explain why the U.S.A. is so feverish about Iran having
nukes. Possibly it is because we simply don't understand Islam and the
Shiites in particular. As you know, it is human nature to fear that which
we don't understand. Now for our educational system. For many it is
wonderful but for the poor and disadvantaged, it simply doesn't work at
all. Millions of children come from broken homes where there is absolutely
no guidance or disipline for them. Of course they go to school as
emotional wrecks and learn absolutely nothing. The drop out rate of blacks
and Mexicans is 70 %. Their illigitimate birth rate (children born to
single mothers) is also 70%. This is an enormous social problem as so many
of these people become criminals and end up in prison. I should add that
this is the dark side of democracy, the part where too much freedom has
horrible consequences. FRED

> Dear fred:
> ... Does USA intend to attack Iran seriously? Or just tries to get some
> privileges by carrot and stick approach? What's this all fuss about Iran
> having nukes, Pakistan, India_ you name it_ have nukes and none are
> bothered by having nukes. Could you tell me why?.... are all American
> satisfied with their life (are there injustice in your country?) and
> their government policies? could you tell me about Education system in
> America? sorry for too many questions.feel free to ask your questions.
> Thanks for your time,

> PS: Salaam Aleichem is used  to "hello back" someone .As I told you
> before, we arent arabs, and this way of greeting is common among Arabs,
> we persian people say"Khodahafez"(Good bye) when leaving someone.

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