Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 29 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Fred LetterTo HONEST(4)
1. The main reason Bush is so opposed to Iran having nukes is that he
thinks they'll sell them to the terrorists. He's also convinced that Iran,
like Syria, Lybia and others is a great financier of the terrorists.
2. Iranians are justified in fearing the U.S. for at least two main
reasons. First, we supported Saddam in his bloody war against Iran.
Second, we also supported and financed the Shah, a very bloody despot who,
as you well know, kept Iran in a horrible state of repression. If Iran
doesn't trust the U.S.A., who can possibly blame them?
3. The Christian far right, fanatical conservatives, are very powerful in
the Republican party these days. They provide enormous sums of money to
Bush and his cohorts. These people insist that there is now a war to the
death between Islam and Christianity. Of course they date this all the way
back to the crusades. Like all fanatics, they're very dangerous,
especially when they become fixated on something. In this sense, they have
much in common with some of your mullahs who see everything through a very
narrow focus.
4. Regarding opportunities for teachers here in the U.S., it all depends
on the person's expertise. For teachers of the sciences and math, things
are very good. The same goes for teachers of language. I can assure you
that Arabic will be very big here and that teachers of arabic will be in
great demand. In fact, they probably already are. There will also be great
opportunities in business as many American companies want to expand into
the Arab world. I hope this answers your questions. FRED

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