Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 2 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
hello. How are you? I haven't heard much from you lately. I hope all is well with you. I'm doing fine. Thank you for the information(email). It was very interesting. I didn't know anything about that or of the history of your country. My government has certainly made many mistakes in foreign policy, and world affairs, through the years. I agree with some policies and disagree with others. I can assure you that the American people have no animosity or bad will towards the rest of the world. I think all governments are imperfect and don't always act in the best interest of their people or others. I have a great appreciation for all people and all countries, and I love my country as well. It's my home. Thank you for educating me on your history. This is how we learn from each other. How has work been this week? My day went okay. It wasn't too busy this evening. Today was Valentine's Day.  It's a big holiday here. The stores were very busy with people buying flowers, candies, and other kinds of presents for their loved one. Unfortunately it was just another day for me.  Have you taken any pictures  yet to send me? I would like to see more pictures of you and your beautiful country. I like looking at pictures. I've been trying to decide where to go for my birthday in June. I haven't taken a vacation for a while, and I really would like to get away for a week. My sister has invited me down to Florida to stay with her, but I'm not sure what I'll do yet. Well, It was nice to hear from you my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care of yourself and stay well.
                                            Your friend,

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