Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 2 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383

I'll keep my eye open for articles I consider to be objective regarding
the U.S./ Iran situation. Meanwhile, please believe me when I tell you
that a large number of Americans are tired of Bush's saber-rattling. I
might also add that some years ago, when Iranian thugs took out a fatwa
against the writer Salman Rushdie and threated to murder him, Americans
developed a very flawed perception of Iran. One final question: when
Iranians quickly point out that they are Persians, not Arabs, does this
indicate a contempt for Arabs or is it merely a point of information? And
if it does suggest contempt, what are the reasons? FRED

Dear Fred:
> ….Its not WHO says it, its WHAT is said. As we agree with some ones
> idea and disagree with others .so there s no reason to deny some ones
> idea completely. I am talking about the guy in NY TIMES book review.
> I think terrorists are smart enough to know where to get heir nukes
> weapons and all that and how to use them as they did in September11th
> ..I think the government cant trust its people completely for their
> support if any war happens between US and Iran, that's why IRAN tries
> to have nukes…are there any articles available to inform me of the
> political dynamics of the US government? An article which is   written
> by an "unbiased" one? … How are we (Iranians, Iran, and especially
> Mullahs of Iran) portrayed in US mass media?...Have you heard anything
> if  Iran has any secret affair with US? Either  political, social or
> economical?

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