Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 7 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter
My dear friend:
What's wrong? Are you okay? I'm sorry to hear that your sister is sick. How is she feeling now? I hope she's feeling much better. I understand you not wanting to write,  when you're going through so much. I'm like that myself at times too. I'm sorry my friend that you're having to deal with so much stress and worry. I hope you can think of me as a friend that you can always talk to, and share your problems with. I'm here for you my friend. I hope in my emails, that I didn't give you the impression that I thought the world was perfect or that I was somehow immune to the pain and frustration that we all feel. I'm not at all. I'm well aware of the problems in the world and the injustice, and poverty, and pain. I've experienced some of those things in my life as well. I told you that I was from a large family, right? Well, we grew up very poor, and went without, most of the time while growing up. My mother worked for a family taking care of their children, and my father was a Gardner. We had no money to speak of. I wore the same clothes to school, and went without food. The one thing that we had that kept us together, was each other. So you see, I'm not blind to poverty or injustice. Having lived through that, has deepened my faith in God, and has enabled me to be more compassionate towards other people in similar circumstances. I don't live in a fantasy land, I live in reality. I'm just optimistic about life and people. Hussein, you're a compassionate and intelligent, sensitive soul. I'm honored to be called your friend. I'm glad that I know you. I've learned a lot from you and our conversations over time. I wished you lived here so we could be closer friends. I would like that. I don't have many "close" male friends. I have many friends, but to be a "close" confidant, I reserve that for a chosen few. Friendship means a lot to me, and I don't use the word freely. Anyway....... How have you been doing lately? You sounded a little down in your email. I hope things are going better for you. Try to hang in there. You have a friend in America, ME You didn't mention anything about my last email. What did you think of it? Thank you for the travel information. I really appreciate it very much. Thanks also for sharing your address with me. I didn't want to invade your privacy by asking you for it. If I didn't consider you a friend, I wouldn't have asked you. I would like to send you something from America, but don't know what to send you. Is there something we have here that you don't have there? Let me know my friend. Well, take care of yourself. I'm glad to hear from you. I look forward to your letters. I wish you and your family good health and God's blessings.
                                              Your friend and brother

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