Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 9 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
Honest letter to David
Dear friend:
... I am doing fine and I hope things go well for you.I had a tough day at school.kids will be kids. That's all I can say about them.:(. to be honest  your last email GAVE me enough comfort and hope for the rest of the day. ...I haven't yet taken my monitor to the repair and they told me that it takes about a week to do the job:(....about the books I read;it differs:poetry,religious.novels if I am in the mood.by the way, have you ever read "the satanic verses" by Salman Rushdi? if so,what do you think of it? what kind of books do YOU read?...still thinking about where to go in June 4th? are you thinking of a middle east country?...In you last email you mentioned that"I think that not having someone in my life, makes the day a little sad" do you think a soul mate can change things a lot? I think a soul mate can relieve some  of our loneliness.that's how I felt after getting engaged.would you give me your address too.I respect your privacy too.
All the best to you and family.

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