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یکشنبه 9 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
Why no Welfare for US Iranians(Answer to Fred LETTER)
Dear Dred:
Today, a gap exists between Iran’s resources and its achievements. I dare to say that Iran is indeed one of the lowest achievers in the world today relative to its resources. Why so? It is certainly not because we haven't tried. It is now well over a century that the Iranian people have been trying to close the gap and advance. They have used reform and revolution as well as tens of theories, strategies and policies to achieve this. However, save for some initial successes, they have been increasingly disappointed. As a nation, Iranians do not agree on the cause or the causes of their general undevelopment. Most Iranians blame foreign powers;For decades we were told by our nationalists intellectuals that every single one of our problems stemmed from the wrongs that the foreigners did to us, otherwise we would have been the crown jewel of the world civilization.We also over-estimated our capabilities and became totally blind to our limitations, thinking that we could run a country with total reliance on a nation with very little education and training, and convinced ourselves that the sole reason for all our miseries were the foreigners and their influence on our culture, and hence, we would definitely achieve freedom and economic justice only if we overthrew the regime and kicked out the foreigners. The fact of the matter was -and still is- that the problems hampering the achievement of our goals of freedom and democracy were mostly our own, and until we muster the courage to acknowledge this simple fact we will not be able to move forward.  But what we really needed was to develop the courage to acknowledge that no foreigner could have ever taken advantage of us if we had not fallen behind due to our own shortcomings and limitations in the first place. Did we ever ask ourselves why we were never able to take advantage of these foreign nations the way they took advantage of us? Extremely valuable research has been done on this issue by Dr. Sadegh Zibakalam, compiled in his book, "How We Became What We Are." This, and "The Sociology of Killing Genius," by Ali Rezagholi.We have to realize that the foreign nations have not lined up to take advantage of us. some condemn the ruling elite, and others hold a combination of the two responsible. However, to me it is all about the lack of vision and leadership.on the other hands are so alled" politicians". All politics seem to run on this platform, i.e., promise ten, expect five, and receive two.I have learned that when politicians promise me all the good and wonderful things they are going to do for me is  to grab my wallet. I know that when they boast of all the jobs they have, or will create for Iran, that they are either ignorant or lying, and I do not like the prospects of either option. But I guess they feel it will get them votes.The only thing that governments do is redistribute wealth, i.e., take substance from A, B, & C, and create D. I believe this principle was greatly taught by a man known as Karl Marx. I have difficulty believing the next presidential election bring welfare and new jobs for Iranians. I realize that I am not a genius, but even I can figure this one out, but can Iran? it dawns upon me that some politicians have the "Progress Gage" all screwed up. They think of a gage in which zero is on the extreme left-hand side, and the more government intervention to "improve the economy," the higher will rise the hand on the gage as they improve it. But actually it is where zero is top dead center of the meter, with a positive side on the right-hand, and a negative side on the left. The more the government intervention in the economy, the more the hand dips to the negative side of the gage. Every succeeding effort to prop up this dip to the negative side results in a further dip to the left.What can government do to remedy this dilemma? Absolutely nothing! This is because government itself is the source of the negative economical swing. But please dont tell them anything because,this is their point and their serious campaign issue(presidential election). They actually think there are such things as free lunches, that cities can be built in the sky, and that pigs fly. Reality eludes them.as Adolph Hitler said, "What great luck for the leaders that men do not thinkeat apology.

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