Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 11 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter
My good friend:
Whenever I read your emails, It reminds me of how intelligent and knowledgeable you are. I say this not only as a friend, but as a matter of fact and truth. You're an intelligent man my friend. It amazes me how well you express yourself.(in English). I'm truly in awe of you. I hope to be as intelligent, and so well informed as you someday. I appreciate your opinion and views of your government and it's policies. I also have my own points of view, on the same issue, with regard to my own country.
I too, am often frustrated by our politicians, who claim to represent the people, but often times are in office only to represent themselves, and their own personal interest. They promise you the moon while they are campaigning, wanting your votes, but when the campaign is over, and they've won, they forget all about those promises that were made. This truly irritates me to no end. I live in one of the richest countries in the West, but there are people that are poor and go hungry. There are people that can't afford health insurance. There are people living in poverty. We have the very rich and we have the very poor. The poor pay taxes, but the rich find loop holes to avoid paying their share of taxes. We have the haves and also the have nots. It's like that everywhere I guess. I think that politicians are the same all over the world. There's a saying that "absolute power corrupts absolutely," I think that's true. I think that it's all about the money. don't you agree?  We call our politicians and officials "public servants," but that title has lost it's meaning lately. It makes me wonder, just whom is serving whom? I don't mean to berate my country, it has many faults, but also has many fine qualities as well. I still believe it's a wonderful place to live and raise children. It's up to us to change things if we're unhappy with our governments policies. That's are freedom to speak out and to protest and to demand change. We are the government. I must sound like a political nut, huh? This is another example of one of the many things that I'm passionate about. Reading your email, makes me realize just how much our two peoples are the same. We all want to live in peace and security, and to be able to make a decent living, and to educate our children. It's deep within the human soul to want a better life for themselves and their family. I wish for you a happy and fulfilled life my friend. You deserve all the best that this world can offer you. Did you get my other emails? You haven't commented on them, so I was wondering. Now on to other things.....................
Today was my day off. I had some errands and appointments that I had to keep, but later came home and just rested and read a little. It's snowing a lot today, so it's a perfect day to stay inside and do nothing. I haven't decided what to do for my upcoming birthday. I may fly down to Florida to stay with my niece and her husband a few days. It's too bad that you can't be here to celebrate with me. That would be nice. I'm planing on sending you something through the mail, but am still waiting for you to tell me what you might like me to send. Give me some gift ideas. This is how I am with friends. I give from my heart. I don't want anything in return. Let me know what you think. How is your family? I hope they are all well. I recently bought a camera, so I'll be sending you some more photos, okay? Well, do you have any questions for me? Is there anything you would like to know? We probably already answered them all, huh?  I'm sending you my address below, so you can write if you like. Take care my friend. It's been nice hearing from you.
                              Your friend,

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