Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 12 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
David Letter
Dear brother:
سلام. آیا شما هستید?  I hope you are well. I discovered a free online translation site, that can translate english to farsi, and vice versa. I'm sure that it's not an exact translation, but it's free, and available. How was your day today? Mine was okay. We're having a winter snow storm here. (again...)  It has snowed quite a bit today. I'm getting a bit tired of the snow and cold I must tell you. What's it like there? Tomorrow I have an entrance exam at the university. It's a four hour exam covering a wide range of subjects. I remember taking it a few years back, and it was very difficult. I scored low in the mathematics part of the exam. Mathematics has never been my strong point I'm afraid. How is your family? How is your mother doing? I hope she's happy and healthy.  Did you buy a monitor yet? I would like to buy one of those flat screen monitors. It won't be for a while however. Well, I better let you go for now. Take care my friend.
                                                                  دوست شما.,

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