Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 17 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
To my good friend :
Hello my friend. How are you today? I hope you're feeling well. I just read your email, and would like to thank you for the poems and the article about Iran. I found it very interesting to read. I often wondered how the Muslim women felt about wearing their heads covered. Sometimes it's portrayed as a negative thing in the West. Many women organizations feel that the head covering is a woman's human right issue. We in the West are quite ignorant of your region of the world. I think that the western countries often view your region through western culture and customs and standards. The fact is, that your country has a rich culture and longer civilization than our own. You country dates back long before America was even thought of. It's interesting to hear your point of view and your opinion. It helps me get a full view of things on a global perspective. I've always appreciated other peoples and cultures. My love for travel has played a large part in my attitude and understanding. My faith was born in the middle east. I have a deep loving respect for the region. You might be surprised that my religious observances are somewhat similar to your own. For example, When I pray I use a prayer mat on the floor like a Muslim. I pray towards the East. I try to follow dietary laws such as not eating certain foods. I'm not perfect, but I try to be the best person I can be. My friend that I told you about, brought me back a prayer mat from Saudi Arabia. It's beautiful. Him and I share our beliefs together. He's a good example of a good Muslim that I've ever met. I have a lot of respect for him. He's a good man. Just like you are my friend.  You were asking me about the books that I like to read.... I was thinking more about it. I can't think of a particular author, but I enjoy reading very much. I was taught that "knowledge is power". I truly believe that. Not in a physical sense, but in an intellectual sense. It makes you a more interesting  and varied person. Don't you agree? I've always enjoyed reading autobiographies of famous men and women. I love reading anything related to history, and historical events. Working in the medical field, I also enjoy reading books on science too. For pure pleasure and satisfaction, I read the bible. It's a book you can read a million times, and yet still find something new to learn and discover. I've read a little of the Koran also. My friend gave me an English translation edition. It was written very beautifully. It was interesting to read. I was thinking about what you said in your email regarding "soul mates." I think that you're a lucky man to have found your soul mate. It bother's me a little that I have been unable to find my own yet. It's not that I haven't had the opportunity, I have lots of opportunities, but I never found the person that I cared deeply enough about. I don't want to settle for anything less than the real thing with someone. I don't know if it's customary for men to talk about such things in your culture, but we do here in the West.  As my friend, I feel that I can share anything with you. I feel I can share my feelings with you. I'm not sad, but disappointed. I have so much in my heart to give to another person, I feel as if it's wasted. Oh well...... I will change the subject to a better topic. How is your family? I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I've been enjoying my weekend off. It's cold and snowing out side. It's a good day to read and listen to good music. As I'm writing this to you, I'm listening to music from the 40's. I told you, I have a wide and varied taste in music. I'm searching for Iranian music to listen to what it sounds like. Can you recommend any musical artists? I just received a poem you sent by Alan Ginsberg. Do you like that author? I've never heard of him before. I'm not too crazy about his poetry, however. What kind of poetry inspires you? What kind of poetry do you enjoy reading? Do you write any poetry? I liked the one you sent me before. It was excellent. Well, my friend, I will say good-bye for now. Take care of yourself. Best wishes.
                                                      Your friend                                                    

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