Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 21 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
Honest letter to David
Dear David:
Religious or Non religious,That s the question! just like Shakespeare s poem"to be or not to be,thats the question!".Husseins life is divided into three periods:
First:Hussein ,before going to the university: a lively,and enthusiast of knowledge,and a profound spritual feelings seeker,always prayed on time (three times a day according to muslim beliefs),a small world being built within a religious family.
Second:Hussein in his university years:became more and more enthusiast of knowledge to make his world bigger,went through the books day in day out to understand himself and his being better.became a friend of a really knowledgable spritual mentor  he always looked for.now,knowledge and faith are sought after more variciously!Holy God:"thou are THE alfa and beta of everything".Where art thou?the more he sought God,the less he felt Him.  
Third:Hussein nowadays:He is obsessed with his worldy and materialistic world,though he doesnt have enough time he is still looking for knowledge and not quite religious believes in"Do as you expect otheres do unto you" and also"The first unsinned should cast the stone"
Looking forward to hearing from you,
"Blessed are the pure in heart,for they shall see God."

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