Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 28 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383

Teaching Rewards:

The school bell rang, the students were shuffling through the door and I was on my way home and some of my students sticking to me like glue and saying jokes and things to entertain me. I  had punished one of them severely  exactly  before we left school but  it was as if nothing serious had happened between us, maybe because he knew that  its for his own good !any way, I was on the other side of  the street to take a taxi_here in especially big cities because of peoples poor condition of living ,every one who has his private car (Peykan is Iranians national car) can be a taxi driver and carry passengers though there are people who have special license  to be a taxi driver . I   know it isn’t the same in other countries. Any way, one of those kids raised his thumb to get a taxi. Finally one stopped and I got in.”Pay special attention to the guy on the backseat, he is our teacher.”Said that student of mine. as the taxi was getting away I  heard a bunch of them yelling “Honest, we love you and leave you. “ when the taxi driver understood that I was a teacher he said” that’s really nice when someone appreciate someone’s job, nobody appreciate taxi drivers job ,it’s The hardest job one can imagine.” I was smiling as he was talking because everyone sees the hardships and the dark sides of his/her life according to other peoples happiness and the point is that there are only limited who understand that everyone has his ups and downs in his life. The taxi driver stopped and shook hand with me without getting his fare.



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