Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 28 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
My friend:
You make me laugh with your statement "be calm." I had to chuckle a little when I read that.   Do I seem to behave irrational to you? Okay, I may be strongly opinionated on some issues, but you are my friend, it's never meant against you or your ideas or opinions. Your statement made me smile. Well, what can I say to the article? Do you want to hear my opinion again? You are a brave soul. I agree that politics makes strange bed fellows indeed. I'm aware that this same man that my government helped in the past, is the very same tyrant that we're  against now. It doesn't make sense to me either. I don't agree with my government making friends with dictators and evil men such as saddam Hussein. I believe it is wrong and hypocritical to look the other way at injustice and tyranny, because it happens to serve our goals and plans. I never said that my government is perfect, or has always acted according to the principles of what our country was founded on. We have made many mistakes in foreign policy over the years, and probably will make more in the future as well. I'm not condoning it whatsoever. Having said that, I don't think that my country is the only one with blood on their hands either. I wonder at the Arab countries lack of concern and obligation to their fellow Arab neighbors. When saddam was killing the Kurds and anyone he felt opposed him, where was the outrage? Saddam led a very false life while in office. His family lived a very wealthy life in Iraq. While his family traveled the world in luxury, and acted like westerners outside the country, his people were starving and going without the necessities of life. The man had many, many palaces throughout the country. He lived like the Shaw. He treated the country's oil reserve like his own bank account. I am personally happy for the Iraqi's to be rid of him. They just had an election, and on the way to becoming the country of their choice. I hope the best for Iraq, the people deserve to have a government that represents "their" Interests. Not the interest of a dictator, or any other country, including my own. I think a positive thing has happened in the area from this war. Lebanon's citizens are in the streets demonstrating for democracy, and self govern from Syria. I think people all over the world are yearning to breathe free. It's deep in the human spirit for a man to want to be master of his own destiny. I think democracy is a good thing. People should have the right to voice their own opinions regardless of who they may be directed at. The people are the government, not the other way around. Well, how's that for my opinion? Was I calm enough? I'm passionate like you are regarding these issues as well. I think we both hate injustice no matter where it comes from. Hussein you are a good friend. You make me think, sometimes laugh, but always informed. You are the best. I liked your story about your class and the taxi. It doesn't surprise me that your class would feel that way about you. I do, and I've never even met you! Your a man of character, and of class. And I know that must reflect in your teaching as well. Take care my friend.
Best regards to your family.
                                          Your "calm" friend,

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