Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 2 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Fred letter
Yes, I certainly do believe that the Israelis would be happy to
help the Palestinians to build a mutually beneficial environment. This is
simply what is defined as "enlightened self-interest" and is also known as
a "Win/Win" mentality. Unfortunately, I honestly do not believe that the
Arabs have evolved to this yet. But let me take you in another direction
for a while. As you may know, we have 20 million blacks here in the U.S.
Of course their ancestors were brought here as slaves about 200 years ago.
Today the gross national product of these blacks is nearly 550 billion
dollars, much more than many countries! And yet many of these people,
especially the ones that refuse to work, blame all their problems on the
white man. The white man is their all-purpose excuse for their own
failures. For example, black Americans have an illegitimacy rate nearly
70%. Young black men go from woman to woman creating children and then
demanding that society support these kids. The young black men also turn
to crime in huge numbers. Today they constitute about 60% of the prisoners
behind bars. Naturally, all of this is the white man's fault. So what's my
point, you ask. Simply this. Just as these blacks blame all their problems
on whites, so do the Arabs blame all their problems on Israel. Never once
will you hear any of them take responsibility for their problems. It is
always the Jews. Needless to say, those rotten and corrupt Arab rulers
have learned that the Jews are a convenient smokescreen to hide their own
sins against their own people. Hussein, my friend, you are a very
brilliant young man and it is time you accepted the undeniable fact that
two plus two equals four, even in the middle east. One additional fact.
There is a growing number of blacks here who, recognizing the awful
condition of Africa, are delighted that their ancestors were brought
here, even as slaves! FRED

> Dear Fred:
> ...to be honest,i just wanted to remind you that everything we say is
> political because of our Economical,social,and political
> background,thats all!and again and again i insist and believe on what i
> told you before.I hate the zionists crimes against Palestinians and I
> hate those Arab suicide bombers who explode a bus with civilians.Come on
> Fred,I dont have "Anti_Israeli sentiments".Dont judge a book by its
> cover.and even here,there is widespread belief among common people  that
> "you can find best apples,nuts and etc." in Israel and also the best
> doctors are the Israelis !!!
> SEE,I amnot as blind as you might think .In closing, do you really
> believe that"the Jews would be thrilled to help these disadvantaged
> peoples(Palestinians) arrive in the modern world?Is there such thing as
> free lunch in the whole world?
> Yours,

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