Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 2 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
Dear David:
...Before one gets married ,as i told you before we  have a ceromony called"Ahgd". one of the standing girls(on the right)is my sick sister i told you about.in this ceromony a veil is over the heads of future bride and groom and a peice of in persian we say "ghand"(suger cube) is chopped over their hears as a sign of brightness and sweetness in their  futuer life.My fiancee is reading the holy Quran as the clergyman on the other side of the room is reading "KHotbe Aghd"(  almost similar to the one in church while the priest say"now I pronounce you husband and wife..)
Thanks for all those beautiful photos.They were beautiful.The photos are taken by one of my close relatives and are sent to me recently.....How is your mom?I pray she gets better sooner.i know how you feel as you see your sick mother.,i feel the same whenever my mom feels bad.Thats life.Tomorrow  Iranians new year starts and it is customary to have "Sabzipolo Mahi"(the first word means vegetable and the second means fish) for dinner.Do you have any special food on christmas night? no school for 2 weeks:)(Remeber i told you about teachers having a 2 week .Thats such a relief.we are going to Saveh in Markazi Province,a four hour drive from here.....How is your back?I hope you feel better both physically and spritually.I have felt like that myself and i know how terrible it could be.....no winter here.everything is blooming.spring is here.Probably talked you heads off.
Ta Ta for now!
Ps:The poem WAS an excellent one.i really liked the meanings behind them.I will try to send you one as soon as one inspires me:)

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