Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 8 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
I'm writing this at 12:00 am Monday morning. I just got home from work. I'm so glad to be off tomorrow! It's been a difficult week at work. How is your day going? It's 8:30am your time, while I'm writing this, so your probably still in bed. I think that you told me that you were off work for a couple of weeks. It's nice to have some time off to relax and take it easy. I'm hoping that you receive my gift today in the mail. You must let me know how you like it. When I saw it, I immediately thought of you, and of our prior conversation. Tomorrow I'm going to do some reading in the morning when I get up, and later go out to lunch with friends. I usually do my devotional readings in the morning while it's quiet and before the day starts. I like to listen to soft classical music when reading. It relaxes me. I say my prayers in the morning.  It's funny how my taste in music has changed over the years. I used to like dance music and all the latest pop songs, but now I'm finding myself listening to classical music, piano music, harp music, etc. Does that mean that I'm getting to be an old man? (ha, ha). I just like peaceful. soothing tunes. What kinds of music do you listen to? Do you listen to classical music? I should send you some of my favorite music for you to listen to and enjoy. I know you would like them. I think we're similar that way. I haven't made any plans yet for my birthday. I know I want to get away on that day. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to travel. I miss it actually. Too bad you weren't here, you could help me celebrate my birthday . We would have a good time. When is your birthday? Most of my brother's and sister's birthdays are all in the summer months. There are eight of us siblings. Five sister's  and two other brother's. I'm the youngest in the family. My brother's are quite different from me. I was never too close to them growing up. There's a difference in age as well. I love my brother's but we're not as close as I wish we were. When I was young I use to envy brother's that were close, and father's and sons. My dad died when I was young, and my brothers weren't close to me. So I kind of learned how to be a man on my own. That's something that a mother and sister's can't show you. I turned out okay though. I've learned a lot along the way. I'm happy with my life, and who I am. I have no idea why I'm sharing this with you, but I wanted to. I don't know if you feel this way , but I feel as if I knew you for a long time. I truly feel a connection to you. I feel like you're a true friend. That's not usual for me. I usually don't feel that way about someone I just met, and hardly know. You're an exception to the rule. I like you , you're a good man. Well, I better get into bed and go to sleep. I'm very tired. Take care my friend. I hope you have a good day today.
                                              Your friend,

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