Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
شنبه 20 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
Thanks for the poem. It reminded me a little of Shakespeare's writings. How are you my friend? Today, I found out some sad news, about a friend of mine. She used to take care of my mother for me, while I was at work. She's a nurse. Her and her family are close to my family. She called me today, from the hospital, and said that she will have to go on dialysis from now on. She 's only thirty-two years old, with a wonderful husband and child. I felt so bad to hear that. Dialysis is a terrible way to live your life. Working in the medical field you see these patients coming in for their dialysis treatments. It's brutal. Their arms tend to get scarred and swollen. I called her husband to ask him what I can do for them. He's very scared and upset about losing her. I told him to call me if he needs anything. That's what friends are for. Don't you agree? It's difficult to understand why these things happen to "good people" for. It seems if you're mean and nasty , nothing bad happens to you. I have to pray about this. Anyway..... I don't want to bring you down. Today, I mailed out a package to you. The lines were long at the post office. I was up early today doing some errands for myself and for my sister and niece. My niece's car broke down on the way to work, and she called me to pick her up. It's been a pretty busy day for me. I had a lot to do. Thank God I was off today to get everything done. You never answered my question as to what you meant about "being careful with my words." What did you mean? I really don't know. It's five o'clock in the evening while I'm writing this to you. I'm waiting for the lady to come who takes care of my mother. I plan get out awhile tonight. I actually started my exercise today.   I've been running everyday for a long time to stay fit and healthy. Lately, I haven't been doing it, and I really can feel the difference in my attitude and body. I enjoy working out. It makes me feel good. Today I got back out there, and it felt wonderful. Well, my friend, take care of yourself. Best wishes to your family. It's always good hearing from my friend in Iran.

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