Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 21 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
...How are you doing ?Hope things are fine with you and your family...Yes,years ago I listened to Jackson's music once in a while but, I didn't like his tunes.he is now being

prosecuted because of child abuse.Right?...What kinds of music are more popular there?Is folk music popular?

I would also like to know your personal opinions about Islam.Sure,you are raised to respect all cultures and faith,But is there something in Islamic laws which may seem bothering to you and other Americans you know?Be sure that I wont be offended in anyway If you express your honest ideas about the subject...My second question is that what jobs are considered prestigious and classy there? ...Regarding your Spanish learning,why don't you request a Spanish Penpal?It will definitely help you improve your Spanish.Regarding Farsi language ,there are a lot of commonalities between the languages(Farsi_Arabic)but,they sure sound differently.

Take care,

Yours truly,


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