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Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 24 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
Thank you for the interesting article you sent. It helped me understand your country and it's people better. I would love to visit your beautiful country, and see it with my own two eyes. It has such a rich history. I appreciate places like that. I was happy to find out that the people there did not hate Americans like we've been often told here. I'm glad that they understand the difference between the government and it's people. As for the relationship between Jews, Muslims, and Christians. We are all people of the book. We share many commonalties and religious history. We are brothers in heart and spirit. As for my comment regarding women's rights, I think it's a matter of cultural differences and understanding. While I respect your customs and culture very much, I may not agree with all aspects of  some customs. I'm sure you feel the same way regarding western culture and customs also. I think we have more in common than not. Islam has contributed a lot to civilization and to the world.you never cease to amaze me with your thoughts and views. You are an intelligent insightful person. I enjoy corresponding with you. I always learn something through our conversations. Sometimes I may disagree, but often I share your viewpoints on issues. I wished you lived here my friend. It would be nice to hang out with you. How was your day today? Mine was pretty good. It's three thirty in the afternoon while writing this to you. I managed to go out for a run. The day has been warm and sunny. Finally, spring has arrived here! Flowers are beginning to blossom and the leaves are returning to the trees again. I love this time of the year. Everything is coming back to life. How is work? I have to work through this weekend. I hate working on the weekends, because it's usually short staffed on weekends. It makes for a long and hectic work day. I'll be starting school in the fall. (If I passed the entrance exam, that is.) I'll be finding out in a few more weeks. I've been thinking about visiting your country this year. I'm checking out hotel's and things on the Internet. While visiting your country, I would like to stop by and meet you. If that is okay with you. I respect your privacy, and if you would rather not, I'll understand. It wouldn't offend me. I'm not one hundred percent certain I will make the trip or not. It's still in the thinking stage for now. Well, my friend, Take care of yourself. My regards to your family.
                                                 Your friend,

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