Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 24 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
...How are you doing man?I wasn't feeling well the other day because of the pressure at school.Anyway,To answer your question I should say that because gay behavior is forbidden and Haram(an act against religious law)so,I it is not protected by Islamic law.Religion and government are mixed and this has created a situation in which the government interfere in almost everything.I believe that government and religion must be separated to ensure the rights of  individuals but,I also wished that some behaviors(Gay) aren't allowed in the society because excessive freedom cause trouble for the whole society in the long run .Agree?But, as you know democracy is a two edge sword!
Now,Did you hear that Michael Jackson was introduced as the most stupid person in the united states in an internet  poll ?What do you think of the singer?...I haven't heard from Sade but iItried to download some of her music from the net but, I couldn't.I was curious to know your taste of music.Did you finally watch the "Green Mile?If so,What did you think of it?
Today, I talked about American holidays and especially Easter to my students.One question:After talking about dating difference in Iran and western countries a question popped in my mind:When boyfriends and girlfriends go out on a date to a restaurant,who pays?The boy or the girl?Does it depend?Or They happen to go dutch most of the time?
Take care my friend,

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