Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 26 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
Hello my friend. I'm glad that you liked the poem I sent. What did you mean by "I should be careful of my words"?  I hope that I haven't offended you in anyway. Let me know what you meant, okay? I agree with you regarding democracy being a two edge sword. I think that with "freedom," comes responsibility. I think that an individual rights, needs to be balanced with the society as a whole. If everyone is doing exactly what they want, disregarding the rest of society, that's anarchy. Now onto the subject of Michael Jackson........
What do you think happened to him? I use to love his music years ago before he became this 'troubled person." It's really a shame. The man is very talented, and gifted. Somewhere fame and wealth changed him into what he now has become.  It's unfortunate. Have you ever listened to his music in the past? He doesn't even look like the same person anymore. I wish I could send you a CD of "Sade." I think you would like her music. It's very relaxing and easy listening. Her music always has a meaning in the lyrics. Regarding the dating thing......
In America, the man usually still pays for the woman. If a man asks for a date, he pays for the dinner. Women like to think that their liberated, but the man still pays. The only difference might be if they are married, or have been going together for a long time. Then perhaps the woman might offer to pay. Americans are traditional still about that. The man would feel less than a man if he let the woman pay for him. I guess it's the macho thing. I was brought up to pay for the woman. Even when I'm out with my sister's I pay the check. I guess we're not too different when it comes to that. I remember a funny incident that happened to me when I was sixteen years old and on my first date.  A bunch of my friends went out with our girlfriends bowling. When it came time to pay to rent the "bowling shoes," I couldn't find my wallet!  My date saw that I was frantic looking for it, and decided to pay our way. The young man behind the counter looked at me, and said to her "you're out with the wrong guy, I wouldn't have you pay for me." I turned four different shades of red, with embarrassment. So you see, it's very cultural for the man to pay for the woman. It's kind of frowned upon for the woman to pay for the man. I look back at it now, and laugh at the situation. (I didn't then.) Today at work was rough! I came into work to find my coworkers behind in their work. I ended up helping them catch up, only to find myself behind in my duties. All evening long I was trying to catch up. I'm exhausted! I'm sending you something in the mail. I'm mailing it tomorrow. I think you will like it. You'll have to let me know when you receive it. Okay? I have another holiday coming up soon called "Passover." Have you heard of it? It commemorates God bringing the people out of slavery in Egypt. Well, my friend. I'm glad to hear from you as always. Reading your emails, I can't believe how well you express yourself in English. You speak English better than I do! Ha. Ha. I wish that I was well spoken in Spanish as you are in English. I don't often get the chance to speak and write as much as I would like to. I would like to learn some farsi as well. I'm curious as to what it sounds like to the ear. Does it sound like Arabic? Maybe I'll practice, and one day I will surprise you with fluent farsi. (Don't hold your breath on it though.) Take care my friend. It's been nice chatting with you. My regards to your family.

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