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Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 26 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
Dear My Friend:
...Thinking of having a different faith,nationality,color and other" Segregators"(Word invention:)I come to envy the "cave man" when,being of a different nationality,religion and color mattered so little.but at the same time,I cant help thinking of the hardships they had been through....
Now American culture and its people....
As you were taught that the middle easterners are "monsters" _though, I am not one:)_ I was taught that westerners are infidels and sex _obsessed and you can find all sorts of pornography there.Personally,American ignorance(Truly,of course,I don't mean them all) to other countries and their indifference to the crimes the Bush administration is doing (In Iraq and the middle east to guard Its interests in the region for the sake of its long term profits,oil,etc..)makes me angry....To be honest,I think you are a typical guy who has more Eastern views that Western ones and Its hard to believe the rest of Americans are as religious as you are.It will bore both of us to list the things I have learnt from you about your country,Culture and its people.Now,I have become sure that the politicians try to make war and separate the people of God,where we are the same in heart.
Does somehow racial segregation still exists there?My second guess is that these things don't matter any more.Right?...My second question:How do you define happiness? Do you see it in Gods satisfaction,money,or what?:(Now,who is asking a lot of questions?)
Take care,
PS:I will ask my next question in my next email.

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