کالج کارآفرینی تیوان
Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
شنبه 27 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
You never cease to amaze Me, at your knowledge of Christianity. How do you know so much about my faith? It only confirms my opinion of your education. Thanks for the information on "veiling." It helped me to understand your view point and custom. As for the memories, I can't even imagine what war must be like in your own country. I'm sorry that you had to see such horrific things at such a young age. No child or person should have to witness such things. Thank you for sharing with me your memories. I look at you and think, this is a man that is very educated and knowledgeable, he must have never experienced difficulty in his life. You helped me realize how similar that we all are, in our lives. Now, let me answer some of your questions....
Teachers retirement age is 55 years old. If they should retire at that age they get a partial retirement payment monthly. If they work until 65, they receive full payment monthly. They have an excellent benefit package that includes health coverage and so forth. Teacher's can make very good money here. Depending on the school district, the state in which they live, etc. Teacher's are off of school all summer long as their students are. They get paid for this. Most other occupations are the same regarding retirement benefits. As for the price of a ticket, I'm seeing up to one thousand U.S. dollars, for a round trip ticket. Canada is close to me, it might be cheaper leaving from that country as opposed to mine. I can purchased the ticket there, and get a better exchange rate. (our money is worth more there). Thank you my friend for the gift you're sending. May God bless you and your family. Take care. I'm going into work now. It's 1:20pm in the afternoon. I get back home at eleven PM tonight. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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