کالج کارآفرینی تیوان
Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 28 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
I was the only son of the family along with sisters of mine before my second brother was born.Now I have a 13 year old brother and I love him very much.Back to the memory lane...
My mind gets scattered as I try to harness THE memories...
(Iran_Iraq War) My friends and I (I was 15 years old) were playing in our street.It was a sunny day and we were playing a game called"Alak_dolak".All of a sudden I heard and saw with my own eyes the roaring of an airplane _the picture is so vivid now_throwing bombs ,It was coming toward an Imamzade(A place where the sons of an Imam is buried),There was a horrendous explosion down the street and the sound wave slammed the door and It broke the windows of our neighbors.Alas! We hurried down the street to see what had happened and You cant imagine what we saw.Blood,blood and more blood.Women were screaming and every one was running away....I  hate war.  
Against what you guessed about my childhood ,I was the kind of kid who punished(beaten) by his teachers most of the time because of lack of preparation.Though, like your self I was really shy and lacked confidence too.I have said this story to my students too to encourage the "not hard working ones" to work harder.I didn't study at all and I hit the books before the exam nights.I was always being criticized by my parents and relatives because I was believed to be "lazy".I really hated some of my teachers and unfortunately, I still do.I had alot of summer  jobs in my childhood including,selling ice_cream,corn,being a bus chauffeur,a assistant  mechanic..to name a few.And I was a failure in almost all of them.I don't go into the details why.It was summer and I was 16 years old and I had to find a job.I happened to work in a shoe making factory.I can still smell the awful glues which should be stuck under the sole.long hours,from 7am to 6pm and I had to do my job in a standing position.Was I a dead body at 6?
In the fall, I had to go to school.I made a decision_You aren't that strong to do physical work so,give it a try in your studies"And I showed them all(every one in myfamily and others)that "When there is a will,there is a way."I recieved my diploma one of the best students in our class.I was accepted in the universoty and now here I am with all those memories behind me and ahead of me.I think this is true that "the more inferiority complex ,the more you try to make up for it. Memories...............................................................

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