Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 29 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
Thanks for the teacher info.They were helpful enough to give me an insight over teaching benefits there.The benefits American teachers get there is incomparable with Iranian teachers.....How are you doing? Today was tough(in that private school I told you about),I had to challenge some of my students because of their rude behavior and I managed to give them a "lesson".It made me feel good.If only I could quit!Tomorrow I have to teach for 14 hours:( Kindda rough and boring,Isn't it? Right now the phone rang.My second job is saying hello to me in a private English institute.  See?I teach 64 hours a week and I still have a second job.I am saying all this just to inform you that life becomes so hard sometimes and the hardships teachers are going through.That's why Iranians are among number one immigrants to the USA and European countries.I gotta get ready for the interview.Now who should feel sorry for whom:)?
Say hello to your family for me.

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