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Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
چهارشنبه 31 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
Honest letter to David
Its nice to hear from you as always.sometimes I wonder from what source I take all these energy.I worked 16 hours yesterday and at the end I wasn't as much as I thought.Although,I got my second job But,I wont forget about my dear pal.I try to be on line:).As I was teaching my last class,The topic of the discussion was the uses of internet and One of the students _they are all grownups_said"we can make friends through the internet."I paused a little and you came into my mind and I said "FRIENDS.....we will talk more about friendship".See,I don't forget about you even when the right topic comes along.....
To answer your questions,the  war photo I sent you is taken from Iran_Iraq bloody war.And ...Muslims usually attend on Friday.It is called "Namaz jome".As I told you before the government(politics) and religion are mixed, And because  the majority of Iranians  are under a lot of pressure by the government ,so most of us think this they are misusing Islam in order to take advantage of people and rule over us.That's why I haven't been to a mosque for years.A mullah comes to the mosque and start preaching people about how bad the materialistic world is but, as he leaves the mosque you see that he is driving a luxurious car,along with his cell phone and all that.If one day you are here ,You will better appreciate what I am talking about.And about marriage I agree with you regarding change which should come from within and we cant change peoples behavior,but I don't think you can find someone who is a"perfect" wife.take yourself and your brothers for example.your brothers are totally different with you and you all are in the same family ,so how do you expect to find someone perfect while the only perfect thing is the Almighty God.I think one cant find such wife in the whole world.By the way,I invite you to my class.my students will be cheered up to get the opportunity to talk face to face with an American......Thanks for the card as well.
God bless you all.

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