Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
یکشنبه 23 مرداد‌ماه سال 1384
Hi, how are you?
Yes, it's a shame Western nation still think Iran is a backwards nation, if
only leaders would visit the countries they talk about, they would probably
change their opinions.
So, about the election, whats a stake? Is it for the leader of Iran, who
will you vote for and why?
Nothing new in America, in the news they are talking about this young
American girl from Alabama who went on a class trip to Aruba and went
Also, Iranian women are very beautiful. Besides the ones you sent, online on
news websites, they show some images of Iran. Persian gals are very
beautiful, on average. Ha, this reminds me of when you asked if Americans
think about women all the time... haha.
Anyway, how are you and the family? What's on your mind? Take care for now

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