Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 3 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384
nagging Iraninas
The story of nagging Iraninas:
There is something bothering about the nagging culture in Iran.
Today I was in a taxi and there were also three other passengers who were talking about every day problems they are facing every day.So far is OK but,here is some part of their conversation:
Passenger A:The other day I went to buy this and that spare part of my car with theeeese price.....
Passenger B:People are under a lot  economical pressure
and ......
Driver:Look at that son of a .....!Is this the place where one parks his car???
I can continue with this and other similar stories I hear every day.(I Include my self as a nagger which I think isnt much.thats my wifes opinion)
Where is this "culture" originated from?Is it the same In other countries?
I do know every cause has an effect and It can be related to social and economical,etc.factors but it seems that I cant get it out of my head "why dont we have a more counstructive,verbally positive  culture that you can breeze in?Could you tell me about American culture both positive and negative.I told you this story so that you see the other side of Iranians too and by that I didnt want to backbite my own countrymen but just to let you know that every coin has two sides or maybe three sides if you look at the right direction if you get what I mean.
The other night I saw the movie Papillon by Schuffner.Anthoy and Steve did a magnificent job in the movie.Though, I had seen the movie three times but stayed up late till 2:15AM to watch the movie.The music was awesome.What was interesting about the movie?
1.The love to move on and the thirst for Freedom which is in humans blood.
2.Under a lot of pressure and toughness you cant help changing your personality.
3.Every one is wearing a mask which cant be judged easily.You can have "Jozam"(a disease that eats your body little by little) contagion and be good person and on the other hand you can be a priest,mullah and betray others.
Ps:I always enjoy reading short or long letters so Dont fret about it:)

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