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پنج‌شنبه 1 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383

Today, after searching the net, reading blogs: asl200.blogsky.com and www.danlod.com and getting some info about HTML which I don’t know anything about it, my goddam mouse stopped working, and as I don’t know much about keyboard buttons, I just turned off my P.C. and getting a gadget (screw driver), I started making a mess of my mouse; it stopped working forever. I took it to the repair shop and he just said that he was sorry and can’t do anything about that. I am going to take it to another shop. Maybe somebody can do s.th about it. Or maybe I should get another one. Having lunch, I went to school. Today was the D-day. ENGLISH EXAM. The questions were awfully copied and because of my ignorance, there were some problems with questions too. We were in teachers lounge as I heard that our principal’s mother had died. After the exam we decided to go give him condolence. ( the message of being sorry for your mother death) we were ushered to the room and it’s a custom to give (Fatehe_ to read a verse of the Holy Quran for her soul_) and were served with date and Halva (a food made of  flour, sugar,  oil, saffron) death is everybody’s kismet(fate) and you cant do anything about it.

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چهارشنبه 30 دی‌ماه سال 1383
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چهارشنبه 30 دی‌ماه سال 1383

3 days ago a tragic accident happened. 13 students(kids between 13_15) were burned to death in Lordegan  _Safilan_ a village  in Charmahal Bakhtiyari a far and isolated village in north of 

IRAN .Its really comic and ridiculous that there were no fire extinguisher to put out the fire and the principal was arrested . why? Don’t ask ME! If this disaster had happened in Tehran I am sure the minister of  so called” Education J :() “would have resigned. In this country no one is responsible for his action because  nobody knows the meaning of responsibility though its not our fault .we are the seeds of this society and our higher ups!


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