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چهارشنبه 16 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384
Katrina and Democracy

I really can’t believe my eyes as I see thousands of people have died in the recent hurricane. When it comes to attacking Iraq and Afghanistan the US has enough budget but when it comes to his own people 1400 national security guards are sent to New Orleans to kill every suspicious looking people who are needies.

Money talks again and again; haves(rich) and the police and ordinary people were informed of the storm so the rich saved their life as soon as possible but have-nots(the  poor)  had to be there and wait to see what has “fate” has brought them as gifts.

I didn’t know that after 9/11 neo conservatives have passed a law in the US constitution as “Anti–Flood Allocation to Louisiana”. Sorry, I am not preaching any one and I am not more catholic than pope but to see how a government is careless to its people _no matter where the people are _is a pain in the neck. Now I tend to think that mullahs of Iran are no different from those neo conservatives, are they?

The government put the blame on the poor for not leaving the place but do they ever ask themselves with whose support and budget?


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