Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 31 مرداد‌ماه سال 1384
Teachers Day In Iran(memory)
I wanna talk about one of my memories on Teachers Day in Iran:
As I entered the class ,something exploded out of the blue and an awful smell from the bubble they had made.THE students again wanted to make their teacher happy but it backfired.At first I punished them to do some extra work at home,but as I felt bitter at the end of the class time I forgot about it all.
Second class:(kids between 13_14)
There are some baloon hanging  on the door and the naughty students waiting for their teacher to arrive.I knew in advance about the game but played the game of I am not in the know(garden)One of the students used a needle to blow the bloons up and I let him do his job  while one of my naughty student was dancing and the rest were clapping their hands.
Time was ripe for me to play my part.What did I need,here is the recipe:
1.some uunbehaved students
2.A teacher
3.A good excuse for their punishment
I was about to forget the yelling part which is in teachers blood and nature.I am talking about myself.Things were getting out of my control as they wanted to play the game until the hell freezes over and I was getting edgy abit.I put on one of those face that scare the ****out of only "kids" and yelled at the top of my voice to "Freeeeeeeeeeeze."Where do you think you are?In a Casino?Why did you continue the game afterI told you to stop?The left angle on my shoulder tempted me to bring the dancing student  to the board and give him a good lesson;I listened to the angel and ordered him to come to the floor"You are cut out to be a dancer than a student.I liked it a lot,but stick it in your mind that you are not in a casino or maybe you are,ha??"I smiled while talking to him.
Now everybody was silent,no words or whisper from the students. 
I gave them a lot of homework as their punishment and they were nagging as,nooooo,pleasssse,,ahhhh......
The bell was about to rang. After all,todat was Teachers Day and I really didnt want them to have bad "aftertaste " feeling so I changed my mind at the last moments.When I told them that because of today,you dont have to do the homework they all started yelling and shouting this time because I amde them happy.
"The bubbling brook would lose its song if you removed the rocks."

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