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سه‌شنبه 15 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384


I am not gonna talk about Einstein and his theory. The other day, I was reading about the accident of a truck with a seven year old boy. The boy was killed and the man was sent to the prison.

Now let’s have a three_ dimensional imaginary conversation with the affected people:

The boy’s father angrily talks to himself” The bastard must stay in jail till hell freezes over.” and the mother looking up” what have we done to deserve such punishments, God?”

(The family of the man)

Oh, God please have mercy upon us. Our son didn’t mean to kill the boy purposefully. He doesn’t deserve the punishment.

How does some one like me would react after reading about it?

“What a pity.” I can continue their conversation to a non ending point but I don’t.

Can we pass judgment on people easily and say “they should have done this or that?

When you express your opinion on something ,isn’t it  better to have a multi dimensional view in order to judge other people?

By the way, how can you relate this post with the 17 year old kidnapped girl in my previous posts?

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