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جمعه 4 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384
I got this letter from one of my American pal as his first letter and would like to know what answer would you give him if you were me?here he goes:
I like living in America very much. I feel very lucky to have the freedom and rights that we have. While America is far from perfect, I feel secure that the government does not control me and that my rights are protected. Some of the most important rights to me are the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to own guns, and the right against unreasonable search and seizure. We have other rights but these are some of the most important to me. Together they represent the heart of freedom to me.
Because of these rights I feel secure in my home and also when traveling in public. I have the right to criticize the government but also be protected by them. I have the right to practice any religion I wish and not face any persecution what so ever from the government. I have the right to protect my home and family from criminals by owning firearms. We have the right to own firearms not only for protection from criminals, but also to hunt, and also to protect our country in case we were ever attacked. Here is the neat thing though about our right to own firearms -- Our founding father's intended for the citizens to own firearms also to protect them from the government! The idea is that if our government ever started to get out of control or tried to take our rights away that we would have the means to protect ourselves from a government out of control.
You asked what my opinions are about Iran, or maybe more accurately how Iran in perceived by most Americans. That's kind of a tough question because we are shown so many different sides of Iran by our news media. Iran gets lots of attention now because of the war in Iraq and terrorism. Iran is mentioned quite frequently as a country that possibly supports terrorism and also as a country that could be a threat to stability in the middle east because of the suspected nuclear program. While this is something most American's are concerned about - I believe the VAST majority of Americans put this mistrust on your government, and not your people. This is becoming a growing trend with American's and their view of Iran - that being - the government of Iran doesn't always represent the views of the people of Iran.
I would love to share more but I have to go to work now. Please feel free to email ANY questions you may have about America, good or bad. There is no question that is off limit. I enjoy very much learning about the people of your country and believe in all my heart that what you and I are doing here is more productive than anything our government's could do to bring peace to each other. I'm telling you, communication is the key!
I'll send another email later and include some pictures from here in The US. I just had one general question about your interent access. Can anyone in Iran get access to the Interent if they can afford it? Are you allowed to go to any sites on the internet? Does the government control access to the internet? I'm curious about this because I know some governments fear giving access to the interent to their citizens because they feel it's dangerous, just curious how your government views the interent and if they fear the freedom of ideas it allows.

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