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Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 8 شهریور‌ماه سال 1384
Education sucks in Iran

I want to nag today:(one of my memories)
Education sucks in this irresponsible country!

In a lot of countries nobody fails and doesn’t repeat the same level but the system of their education doesn’t have the shortcomings like the ones we have:

1_payment: what should a teacher do when he/she work 60 hours a week with 30 students in each class? Doesn’t he go nuts after a while?

2_which one is better? Money or knowdelege? In this country the only thing that talks is the goddamn money? the SO CALLED Islamic government doesn’t  pay attention to knowledge though they pretend that “from cradle to grave you should go after knowledge”.

I believe that a new human being should be born as the German philosopher (Nietzsche) puts it so everything starts changing and I think we wont be modernized and I am very pessimistic of our being a” first” world country. Nobody knows how much we should suffer from being so chaotic in a big way!

Today, when I handed over the report cards to our principle in a “non” profitable school (gheir e Entefaii) the name is very funny by itself;he said that if we give these report cards to the parents they would come to us complain and we lose our rate in the district so, please give the students a kind of “project” so they do something so you could mark them up (add to their real grades) funny, isn’t it? And try not to have more than 5 out of 20 failed students in each class. Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t have done that! If you were me you would have done the same thing! Because you are going to live in this goddamn world! How nice Dono Frio the man in   Stanley Kubrics movie says: I AM IN A WORLD OF ****!  (Full Metal Jacket,name of the movie)  we are the seeds of THIS society just like the people in kubrics  movie.A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

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