Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 28 دی‌ماه سال 1383

I have just come back from teaching my private student who is a bit forgetful. I mean I have been teaching him English for eight sessions and he still doesn’t know beans about anything.  Whose fault is it? His mind is elsewhere whenever I am “teaching” him. He is a bit funny. Though I try to be serious and hard on him, He makes jokes as I am teaching him; and pulls me inside his game as well. As we were having a banana during the lesson, I had my knife in my left hand, all of the sudden he said: “what if you try kill me?” and the next day there is a headline on newspapers:” a 25 year old guy killed a 13 year old student”.  Mixed up and excessively angry, I yelled at him in their own house and said “give it a rest! Could you?” anyway, was dead tired as I left their house!

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