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یکشنبه 11 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Honest Letter To David(4)
Hi Dear friend:

Long time no email:) back at home after a 3 day holiday.wish you were here.actually, we were invited to a wedding of one of our relatives. let me tell you about the wedding: here before the marriage ceremony, there is a ceremony called "Aghd" means "to tie" in the groom and bride invite their friends and relatives for dinner ,and  depending on the circumstances,its a custom to bring a gift or give some money as a gift! (as you know, different regions of every country has its own customs and foods,though there are some similarities generally.)ready for the delicious part? these  two foods(chicken and rice _Kebab) are the main foods which are usually served with yogurt, salad, and coke. after dinner we were served with tea, then came fruits based on the season different fruits are served. we had green cucumber, apple, and orange. motivated you enough to go and grab a bite to eat?:) and here is the moving part, almost everybody dances,different kinds ,Kurdish,Iranian style,and other kinds. and the ceremony is usually held in a restaurant or brides house . there were more than 250 people just for the "Aghd" ceremony and you aren't married yet !why because after Aghd the couple start knowing each better . and the money or gifts are for the brides family, seems strange??  we are living in a world of traditions and customs, aren't we?
BTW, which holiday you are close to? when is it?
what's the marriage ceremony like there?
.....are there any thing(s) which bother you a lot in the U.S.? thing(s) you wished didn't exist there? I am not the kind of guy who is impressed by "cheap" movies but, as a Muslim, I couldn't help crying during , the movie "passion of Christ" . and I was thinking and talking  about it in the coming days as well!
Time to go ,
Take care,

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