Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
دوشنبه 19 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383

Nice day at school why? At first, let me tell you about the heavy snow coming as I am writing this .its sooooo beautiful and annoying at the same time .annoying because, I had to shovel  lots of snow and it took me an hour and a backache ! lots of guy on their roof shoveling the snow. do you shove the snow too?...got to school at 8, and helloed  my principle who is a real idiot, then went to the class, everybody stood up, I asked them to sit down. Then asked one of the students to come to the board and answer the previous lesson. As usual they were Unprepared, making funny alibi about going this and that where. I just did nothing! What could have I done? Anyway, as I was teaching out of the blue, I heard one of my students using a taboo phrase” F*** You!!! Of course, he said this to one of his buddies not me, otherwise, he would have given a good talking to! I knew who he was so I took his English book and threw it out and yelled at him to Go Out!!! Then said to my students that don’t you ever think that I don’t know about these words and all that, want me to give you a lot of synonyms of the same phrase your friend used? And would he ever use such “bad” language at home when the family gathers? When the bell rang, I called that student of mine to a room and said everything I had told the other students to that student! ……at this period if you aren’t hard with some students they would make a mess all over your shoulder….of course, I don’t have these problems in my kids class. The class I am talking about is a “private school” I  teach in. at the same school, I have a better relationship with my students ,today one of them had a poetry book called” Fresh Air” by Ahmad Shamlou one of the greatest Iranian poet who died a few years ago…. I asked him to choose a poem and read the poem he chose to read was called “a place to live” it was about the position of the poets in this modern age; I asked to bring the English translation if possible so I would send it to you. ……Iranians native language is Persian (Farsi) as you can see in that blackboard behind us in the photo I sent you… Iranians weekend is only on Friday, so I have another 3 days before the weekend ……Do you and Americans enjoy doing your job, I mean how job and work is viewed in your culture? Something nice and enjoyable or   MUST? Do you ever see any program about Iran and Iranians on T.V.? WHATS THE PUBLIC VIEW TOWARD US? …..to be honest, I am going to tie the knot in a near future, I don’t know the date yet myself….


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