Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
جمعه 23 بهمن‌ماه سال 1383
Honest Letter To David(16)

….I could have felt the same anger and rage if my country had been attacked by terrorists. Actually, I don’t want to go into the political sides of the things just because we don’t have face to face communication to make the meaning clearer. I don’t  want to lose our friendship by discussing over things which weren’t our fault.politices isn’t a face topic being discussed as I once had a severe quarrel with my cousin and we weren’t on speaking terms for  weeks .I really hate those Arabs who did this to your country. But do you believe in cause and effect? And why this tragedy happened to the US? As you may know Islam is the faith of mercy and peace and nowhere in the holy book can you find verses commanding to kill your fellow brethrens. Unfortunately, when politics and religion are mixed the results are unfortunates and when understanding of Islam differs so these extremists think by doing such things they are fighting with a bully (USA) who think is the owner of the world…. I really don’t think we are different people from different planets. The poem I sent you is my true honest sincere feeling toward human race. Iranians aren’t Arabs and will never be. I for one hate Saudi Arabia and its policies. Once in Hajj (Muslims rituals in Mecca) these Arabs killed so many Iranians.

Take care my friend,

Best wishes to you and your family


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